sweeping meaning in tagalog

Definition of the Tagalog verb walisin in English with conjugations, 4 example sentences, and audio. Spanish words for sweeping include general, dramático, profundo, majestuoso, arrebatadoras, barriendo, arrebatador, arrebatadora and arrebatadores. Contextual translation of "maksud sweep" into Malay. Human translations with examples: mangalat, filipino, pahapyaw, paggagaod, asal kalye, footbridge, kalye kanta. Find more Filipino words at wordhippo.com! Found 217 sentences matching phrase "sweet".Found in 4 ms. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples » synonyms and related words: spread. Sideswipe definition is - to strike with a glancing blow along the side. Sweeping in the dream represents the symbol of cleanliness and deliverance. English words for karimot include scamper and whisk. When you sweep in the dream, it is an indication that God is setting you free from all manners of sins and the bondage of ancestral evil powers in your father’s house or mother’s house. 1. clean and in order: maayos, malinis at maayos ; 2. able to and willing to keep things in order: mapag-ayos, masinop, maimis Contextual translation of "street sweeping" into Tagalog. » synonyms and related words: neat. adj. v. 1. to stretch out, open out: umunat, iunat, magbuka, ibuka ; 2. to extend, lie: maglatag, lumatag, ilatag, malatag, latagan Find … I was ordered to sweep the leaves in the yard. Human translations with examples: pry, bash, sweep, maksud, sweepname, jenis sapu, maksud lag, maksud flew. Showing page 1. n. 1. a tool made of bristles, hair, etc. Sweeping definition: A sweeping curve is a long wide curve. mutilation meaning in tagalog, In both, Bible and what we call as “The New Testament,” Biblical associations with the snakes have always been that of deception, evilness and bad energy. Meaning of "brush" brush •. sweet translation in English-Tagalog dictionary. How to use sideswipe in a sentence. The first appearance of a snake in religious doctrine is traced back to the Eden itself where Adm and Eve, tempted by the snake, ate the forbidden fruit resulting in their downfall.

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